Here Comes Some Content!
by M. Alasdair MacKenzie

>> Written for Sharkberg:
> FILM REVIEW - The Alchemist Cookbook. July 26th, 2018. *****

>> Written for other outlets:
> "2017: The Year of Open World", and "2017: The Year of Triple A",, March 2018. Covering Heat Signature and Prey.


>> DEMO REEL - December 2018

>> Thief Gold: Making A Profit
> A Fan Mission made for Thief's 20th anniversary. I provided the voice for Garrett, the player character.

>> The Tragedy of GJ237b
> A reading of "The Tragedy of GJ237b" - a role-playing game for no players, designed and written by Aura Belle and P H Lee - performed with permission of the authors.

>> Moonlit Corpse
> An Exquisite Corpse-styled piece built in the King's Field creation engine, Sword of Moonlight. I designed and wrote a map for the project.

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>> Available on Discord as @malasdair#1422.
>> Email for inquiries both business and personal.

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